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The Tennis Court Oath (20 June 1789) preceded the abolition of feudalism (4 August 1789) and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (26 August 1789) as the National Assembly became increasingly radical. Following the 100 year celebration of the oath in 1889, what had been the Royal Tennis Court was again forgotten and deteriorated.

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The Tennis Court Oath - French Revolution

The Versailles tennis court where the oath was sworn, as it looks today. Historians have long mused over why the doors of the Menus-Plaisirs were locked. Some have suggested it was a deliberate royal tactic, an attempt to stop the Estates meeting before the séance royale. It was more likely to have accidental, a procedural order that assumed the Estates would not meet again until June 22nd (June 20th was a Saturday).

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The Versailles Tourist Office located on the Avenue de Paris is opened and welcomes you from Tuesday till Thursday from 10 am till 12:30 pm - 13:30 till 5 pm. And from Friday till Sunday from 10 am till 5 pm. The Royal Tennis Court is closed for renovation ...

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Tennis Court Oath, French Serment du Jeu de Paume, (June 20, 1789), dramatic act of defiance by representatives of the nonprivileged classes of the French nation (the Third Estate) during the meeting of the Estates-General (traditional assembly) at the beginning of the French Revolution. The deputies of the Third Estate, realizing that in any attempt at reform they would be outvoted by the two privileged orders, the clergy and the nobility, had formed, on June 17, a National Assembly.

Third Estate makes Tennis Court Oath - HISTORY

Third Estate makes Tennis Court Oath. In Versailles, France, the deputies of the Third Estate, which represent commoners and the lower clergy, meet on the Jeu de Paume, an indoor tennis court, in...

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Location painted: Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France Source: Wikimedia Commons. Related Events. 1789-06-20 French Revolution: The Third Estate of the French Estates-General swears the Tennis Court Oath at the Palace of Versailles, swearing not to disband until a new constitution is formed

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Feb 2015. 62. Texas. Jul 13, 2015. #1. I'm planning a trip to Paris to visit sites significant to the French Revolution. However, I've run into a bit of a quandary with the Tennis Court Oath. Do we know where the oath actually took place, and if we do know does that place still exist today?

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Tennis Court Oath in the French Revolution The French Revolution was a major event in the history of Western societies, and had a profound effect on the world today. Beginning in 1789, the revolution saw the French people overthrow their absolute monarchy and bring about a republic that was based on the principles of equality, liberty and ...