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First. free casino games no download extruder production process
The complete extrusion process includes: Cleaning the raw materials------Crushing------ Ingredients------Mixture------Feeding------Modulation------free casino games no download------Drying------After spraying------Cooling------Packaging production.
Some equipment can be shared with other equipment in the whole process. Such as cleaning, crushing, ingredients, mixing, magnetic separation, etc. Some processes and equipment can also be based on product requirements and process arrangements without setting, such as drying, after spraying, etc. Generally used wet expansion should be equipped with a dryer and cooler. And the use of dry expansion only configuration cooler can be. The extruder usually has its own feeder and conditioner. The performance of the conditioner plays an important role in the extrusion process. When the material is strongly stirred with the injected steam and hot water in the conditioner, the purpose of increasing water content, improving the material and softening the material is achieved. The time that the material stays in the single-layer and single-axis conditioner is generally only 15-20 seconds, so the added steam and moisture cannot be too much, otherwise the thermal refining effect will be poor.
With the use of a dual shaft differential speed conditioner, a mass adjustment time of about 180 seconds can be achieved. Can add more steam and water, water can fully penetrate into the material, so that the material humidification, heating, soft, modulation effect to achieve better. Because of the better tempering performance of the double-axis differential speed conditioner, it has been widely used in the production of aquatic feed by pelletizer. But note that the higher the yield, the shorter the adjustment time.
Second. Dual shaft differential speed conditioner
The dual shaft differential speed conditioner has two parallel shafts, both of which are equipped with blades. The blades are one big and one small, and the speed of the two shafts is different. The small shaft turns fast, at twice the speed of the large one. So called dual shaft differential speed conditioner. It has super large volume, reasonable blade distribution, high material filling coefficient, and multiple points of steam, ensuring the uniform distribution of steam. The conditioner is similar to a two shafts paddle mixer in that the blades of the two shafts intersect with each other. If the rotation error occurs, the blades of the two shafts will collide and cause an accident. In order to ensure the motion relation of blades, the two-shaft transmission adopts the gear transmission structure. The working principle of transmission that motor drives the small shaft through the triangle belt, and the small shaft drives the large shaft through the gear transmission. The double shafts differential speed conditioner is not only used for the expansion machine, but also for the Pellet Mill.
Third. Spraying
Here are some more instructions on post-spraying: Due to the high temperature and high pressure in the extrusion process, the destruction of heat-sensitive nutrients in the materials is quite serious. According to the actual situation, the loss of vitamins, enzymes and microorganism in the product is very large after extrusion. In order to reduce the loss of these nutrients, ensure product quality and reduce production costs. The process of adding heat-sensitive nutrients to products after extrusion is called post-spraying (After adding) technology. Some manufacturers add amino acids, perfumes, preservatives to the after adding range. The after adding is to dissolve the material in oil or water, to be liquid, and then to create a spray of the pressure of the pump and the pipes and the nozzle to form a spray and spray it to the surface of the particle product. After spraying has atmospheric spraying and vacuum spraying two ways.
Atmospheric spraying is simple in process and equipment, but there are two problems. One is to add too much or too little, too much is not easy to absorb, too little is not easy to evenly. The other is that the components sprayed on the surface of the particles are easy to rub against each other in the process of packaging and transportation and peel off to form powder, thus reducing the content of the particles, resulting in the loss of nutrients and formula distortion.
Vacuum spraying solves these two problems better. The components sprayed on the surface of the product can be mostly inhaled into the void inside the particles during the process from vacuum to atmospheric pressure, thus greatly increasing the amount of addition and avoiding loss and waste. But vacuum spraying equipment, complex operation, expensive.

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